Question / Help OBS Stream comes out very choppy w/ low fps, but game performance is fine 60+fps


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I have an issue that I haven't ever dealt with over my time using OBS.
However, I've recently come back to the streaming game but with the appropriate setup, unlike my old previous one.
So it comes to no surprise that I'll stumble upon new problems.

I only notice this with games that are more graphically intense, more-so fast paced FPS titles like Siege, Hunt Showdown, Modern Warfare Open Beta, etc.
Trust me when I say that my setup is powerful enough to run the stream settings I have set, with ease. I have very little, if any noticeable performance loss while livestreaming even the most demanding titles, usually still being above 60fps or near, depending on the situation. However, my streams come out quite different than what I see with my own eyes.

The end product from OBS during my livestreams, with visually intense games, results in a very choppy and ugly to watch experience. It's as if the fps dropped from 30fps to 15fps, actually I'm pretty sure it damn near is 15-20fps even though I'm getting 60+fps while livestreaming. It just doesn't look like 30fps, and I'm positive without a doubt it's not either.

Here's a link to my latest stream, where I experience this issue while playing Siege at 59m 25s, but the worst is noticeable at 1hr 29m 5s

Streaming Settings:
Base (Canvas) Resolution = 2560x1440p
Output (Scaled) Resolution = 1280x720p
Downscale Filter = Lanczos
Set to 30fps
Output Mode [Advanced]
(checked = enforce streaming service encoder settings)
3000 Kbps
Keyframe Interval = 2
CPU Usage Preset = medium
Profile = main
Tune = zerolatency
Process Priority = Normal

CPU- AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
GPU- GTX 1080
RAM- Ballistix Sport 32GB
INTERNET- 100 down / 20 up

Possible Suspect:
I'm thinking it might have to do with the output mode settings. Likely cpu usage preset and tune?
My cpu can handle that preset, but perhaps it's not so much my cpu but some sort of encoding bottleneck issue?
Suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks in advance,

-Crudath (theproperbloke)


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21:32:18.128: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 17134 (revision: 1006; 64-bit)

Update Windows. This version is 18 months old and is known to cause problems with OBS.

21:32:18.128: Windows 10 Gaming Features:
21:32:18.128: Game Bar: On
21:32:18.128: Game DVR: On
21:32:18.128: Game DVR Background Recording: On

Turn those off.

21:32:19.340: [obs-ndi] hello ! (version 4.3.0)
21:32:19.340: [obs-ndi] Trying 'C:\Program Files\NewTek\NewTek NDI 3.5 Redist\v3'
21:32:19.340: [obs-ndi] Found NDI library at 'C:/Program Files/NewTek/NewTek NDI 3.5 Redist/v3/Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll'

The above is very old. Latest OBS-NDI plugin is 4.7, latest NewTek NDI distribution is 4.0.

21:32:20.026: error: Failed setup for format d3d11: hwaccel initialisation returned error.

21:32:53.329: error: Failed setup for format d3d11: hwaccel initialisation returned error.
21:33:08.014: MP: av_read_frame failed: Immediate exit requested (-1414092869)

It looks like you're specifying hardware accelerated decoding on media sources and it is crashing. Are your drivers up to date? This error occurs repeatedly throughout your log with increasing frequency.

23:42:43.776: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] Connection to rtmp:// failed: -3

OBS can't reach this Mixer ingest server.

01:20:51.521: Output 'adv_stream': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 22056 (12.5%)

Rendering lag caused by GPU overload.