OBS "Stop Recording" Never Completes The Stop


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Hi all!

I'm an artist looking to get into speedpainting. I tried to record a project a couple weeks ago, but ended up losing ~4-5ish hours of recording due to freezes and cuts. Disappointed, I scrapped the recordings because they wouldn't make a good speedpaint with all the cutting around. Tonight I decided to try again, and this time wait for the program to fully stop by itself. I did this with short recordings and it worked fine

Well now it's been almost an hour and the recording still hasn't stopped, which I think is an absurd amount of time for a program to stop recording. I'm also getting the tag message "Encoding overloaded!", which I don't understand. I have the recording set to MP4 because I figured that would be easiest to import into Premiere for editing. I have it paused during the stop process so I don't end up with hours of still footage of the OBS workstation. I really don't want to force stop the recording because I want this project to work out without having to redo the 2 hours of drawing I've already done

Any advice? From the poking around I've already done, it seems this has been a problem for a good while, which makes me wonder, why hasn't this been fixed by now? Or should I just get rid of OBS altogether and seek out a better product?


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You can't get out of the recording state because you are overloading your system to not let it be interrupted to even stop. The overloaded encoding message means with your OBS settings, your computer is not capable of encoding with those settings.

You have:
  1. Too high of a resolution being used. Your 2736x1824 is too high. The more pixels, the more work needed to encode all those pixels. It is best to stick with 16:9 resolutions like 1280x720 or 1920x1080
  2. A crappy integrated video adapter. iGPUs suck in performance compared to dedicated GPUs.
If you want to do more than 1920x1080, you need much stronger CPU and GPU and the high end.

Change the output resolution to 1280x720 to cut down on processing to see if the problem goes away.


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Oh my god I didn't even notice my resolution was that high! No wonder my poor computer stuttered during recording XD. I don't even know how that happened. Thanks for replying, I don't think I would have ever caught that anytime soon. In the morning I'll try recording from where I left off and see how it works out