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    I'm actually completely unsure of whether this is a bug or simply hardware discrepancies. I've been having this problem now around the time of the 0.47 test builds. My problem is that I'm now having a delay in audio which I wasn't having before. I haven't changed my hardware, nor have I updated my audio drivers. As of the current beta build 0.522, this problem still exists for me.

    UPDATE: I have tried the buffering option with an offset value of 300 being the sweet spot. Unfortunately, this means the preview is delayed. I don't have splitters or a second monitor so I rely solely on OBS preview for console video output. It makes playing anything almost impossible.
    I've contacted Jim and he stated that OBS receives the audio in large chunks from DirectShow, causing the delay.

    Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition (stock clocks)
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560Ti (stock clocks)
    RAM: 4x2GB Kingston ValuRAM = 8GB total (nothing fancy)
    Motherboard: MSI 990FXA-GD65
    Onboard audio: Realtek ALC892 chipset (Driver version: Driver date: 6/28/2011)
    Capture card #1: AverMedia Game Broadcaster HD (C127)
    Capture card #2: hauppauge WinTV 885

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
    OBS version: 0.522b

    For recording gameplay using my capture card #1, this has been my setup for a while.

    The AverMedia Game Broadcaster HD doesn't have any inputs for audio except through HDMI. However, since I use this card to capture Wii footage via D-SUB, I have to run the audio through my motherboard's onboard Line-in. This has served me well up until the later 0.4 test builds of OBS.

    My capture card #2 has a line-in of its own, so I had to resort to using it as a second source for audio along with capture card #1 for video. I had to do use both sources at once since I couldn't use capture card #2 as an audio device (it is not seen.)
    Disabled audio capture device for capture card #1

    Setting up capture card #2 as audio source

    This solution works, except I have to go through the annoyance of resetting the crossbar settings as shown every time I end and restart the preview, or when I start to record or stream. This problem began after OBS 0.520. From the changelog:
    I am actually not certain whether this change causes the issue or not.

    I have here, a video showcasing the audio delay. It includes 4 distinct tests done.
    https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByfOGlS ... sp=sharing

    I hope I've provided enough information. Please let me know what else I may need to state in order to get any help. Thank you for your time.
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    After going through this with you Modnite I really don't know, hopefully someone here has a fix for you :(