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I had this problem where my games were running slowly after a graphics driver update and I decided to roll back to a clean install of an older one (nvidia's v391.35) and the games were running smoothly once again.
However, with this new driver my streams with OBS started slowing down my games. The games were slowing down with the new driver and with the older driver too. Streaming is basically out of the question right now.
Here is a thread which is similar to my issue (I'm not having this much slowdown in games):

I have tested the following things:

Bitrate is at stable 3000kb/s. I can manage 3500kb/s with ease as well.
CPU load is usually around 9-15% in OBS (Ryzen 5 1600). The whole load on the CPU is around 30%.
Dropped frames on stream is usually at 0.0%. If my connection is unstable, I can have 5-20% dropped frames but as I said, usually 0.0% dropped frames.

Here's a log for a test stream, tested multiple games and there were different amounts of slowdown within those games.
Note: Games are graphically not very demanding so a GTX 1060 6GB should handle them with ease.

Why is this issue present and can it be fixed? Is it only a problem with these 'I Wanna Be the Guy Fangames'?

One more note: Log says 9 memory leaks and the same amount shows up in all of my other logs. Don't know if that's the reason behind my problems.

Edit: Also the new Windows 10 update could have had some effect, not sure.


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