Question / Help OBS Recordings have 95 Mbps bitrate


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Hey everybody,

I checked one of my clips and noticed the bitrate of my recordings are around 90 000 kb/s, which seems awfully high compared to what I read about with recommended bitrates and such

I'm basically wondering whether it matters that the bitrate is so high, considering I'll edit it through Adobe Premiere and render it with target bitrate of 15 Mbps, so I'm not sure whether it makes a difference



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For recording, bitrate is rarely an issue. Even the slowest hard drives can write at up to 1000+mbps, so 90mbps is fine. You want the highest quality possible when uploading to services like YouTube, which re-compress your video regardless. Only if you have slow internet would a lower bitrate be beneficial (to speed up uploads).


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If you just want to lower the bitrate for quality-based rate control modes like CQP, raise the "CQ level" parameter in your encoder settings. Higher values mean lower quality, thus lower the resulting bitrate. It's a parameter that tells the encoder to remove that much detail and works consistently over all frames regardless motion. It removes the same amount of detail from high motion scenes as from low motion scenes, so you have more to work with in postprocessing. In contrast, bitrate-orientated rate control like CBR removes as much detail necessary to enforce the given bitrate, so it removes more detail from high motion scenes and bloats the video for low motion and still scenes, which make your material inferior for postprocessing.