OBS Randomly Disconnecting


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I've been having extremely random OBS disconnects that crash my stream randomly. I've looked over the forums and the general help page and have went over everything and changed them in OBS. Dynamic bitrate, proper encoder, proper server to stream to, contacted ISP etc. I can't seem to figure out what the issue is. Any help is very much appreciated. The log is below:



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Does the "lost bit rate" go up before dropping? If it does then you don't have enough upstream capacity.

If you are not getting any errors, try changing your network cable to your PC/laptop...... This has happened to me in the past and I solved the problem by replacing the CAT 5 cable.


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Thanks for the help and input.

How would I check if it goes up before dropping? Would that be something I would have to see right before it crashed?

I'll test the new cable as well and see. Thanks again


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