Question / Help OBS only records voice periodically: Blue Snowball ICE, PS4


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My setup:

I've got my Elgato Game Capture HD plugged into my ps4 (with the audio workaround for headphones).
I can hear the game audio just fine on my headset and OBS records the game audio just fine.
I have a Blue Snowball ICE plugged into the usb port on the front of the ps4. It works perfectly for chatting with everyone in my party chat, ie. they can hear me and I can hear them via my headphones.

But when I record, the snowball doesn't always pick up my voice. Sometimes it cuts in and out, sometimes it doesn't record at all.

Any suggestions? The fact that it even records a little big of my voice tells me i'm on the right track with the hookup, but I must have done something wrong or missed something along the way? I'm not too sure.

Any help would be appreciated.