OBS on Windows 10 CORE while running Streaming and Recording & Stream Stop Hanging


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CORE: This is the first core dump I have had with OBS. I thought i would upload it as the developers can use it to know exactly where the code mishap occurred.
Appreciate letting me know if you get a fix and when a new release would have the fix. Normally i have no issues with OBS. We use OBS in our church for the Sunday service recording and live stream. The CORE did not happen while i was closing OBS or kill a OBS process, it was just while running stream and recording.
HUNG PROCESS: The only other OBS issue i have seen is that when stream outages occurs (due to some unknown network issues at this time) when i stop the stream it just hangs there, so i have to manually close the OBS application, then also close a remaining process running using the task manager. Then i can run OBS again. This does not always fix the network issue, so i believe the network issue is separate, but exasperates the OBS stuck stopping stream/hung process issue.
WHAT WE WERE DOING: My main issue at this time is that (many times we have no issues at all, but lately) we are having more streaming "yellow" (packets not satisfactory, but no 0) and "red" (packets are 0 not received) on the OBS side with dropped packets, no issue with local SSD recording drop-age. On the YouTube side i just see that the stream data is down, and if the outage last long enough, then YouTube automatically (new behavior) will terminate the stream, and we have to do a new one. We are running 1920x1080 @30FPS, downscale filter Lanczos. The frame render time is between 1.2ms to 2.5ms depending if running other applications in background. Our stream rate for YouTube is about 2500Kbps set in OBS. We are on a Intel I7. I need to get more information from the church this Friday for this post.


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Sounds to me that the yellow and red is an internet service issue. If you have Comcast, or satellite internet, that could be the problem. If you are running your stream on wifi instead of hardwire ethernet, that could also be a problem with your connection on obs. Comcast has had many outages lately, and when i switched my provider, it changed tremendously. Comcast throttles your internet speeds and even with their highest unlimited data package. I am happy to say I don't use them anymore. Hope that helps.


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If you mean the green/yellow/red indicator square, that shows buffer fullness and indicates a problem with your network connection not being able to send packets fast enough to keep up with your configured bitrate. That would not cause a crash though, as has happened in your crash-log. So it's a connection problem, and something else causing the crash coincidentally.

Recording freeze on stop normally occurs when someone has ignored the 'do not record to MP4/MOV' warning message.
Finalization of these formats can hang (in my experience). One more of MANY reasons to never record to mp4/mov directly.

Your crash unfortunately is in a DLL I don't recognize, may need to wait around for someone more conversant with system-level issues to chime in.