intel core i7

  1. I

    Settings for iMac Intel i7 - 3,8 Ghz - 128 GB RAM - AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT 8GB

    I want to record Videos in 4K in OBS Studio Release 28.1.2 (64bit) Base screen 3840 x 2160 Output 3840 x 2160 FPS frames are set on 60 FPS Recording settings are set on USERDEFINED OUTPUT Container Format: Standard Videobitrate 64000 Kbps...
  2. S

    Jitter Effect When FPS Drops During Recording

    The priority of OBS is high, and my fps is okayish but I get this weird stuttery jitter effect that makes the recording hard to watch (effect happens 20 seconds in when the battle starts) tutorial video (for setting viewing purposes)...
  3. H

    OBS on Windows 10 CORE while running Streaming and Recording & Stream Stop Hanging

    CORE: This is the first core dump I have had with OBS. I thought i would upload it as the developers can use it to know exactly where the code mishap occurred. Appreciate letting me know if you get a fix and when a new release would have the fix. Normally i have no issues with OBS. We use OBS in...
  4. S

    OBS Black Screen When Game Capturing

    So I know this is a (somewhat) common issue and I've done everything to try and resolve it. (Went to System Settings and set OBS, as well as the game I'm trying to capture, at High Power mode, went to Nvidia's control panel and made it so that it also uses that graphics card instead of the...
  5. Jonz00r

    Question / Help Keep crashing with AMD GPU

    I'm trying to use x264 to encode but my screen goes black for a second and OBS crashes.