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I recently got some new attachments for my PC for Christmas, and when I hooked them up, something changed and now I can't use OBS.

Now when I open a game and have the game window selected, OBS starts to freeze. When I click back to the OBS window with the game running in the background, it runs just fine.

I got a new webcam and that was working just fine two days ago (see stream here - with no freezing. Then I got two new things - the Razer Tartarus keyboard, and a Yeti Mic. After plugging in these two items, the problems began, and unplugging them and uninstalling the drivers and software doesn't change anything (I got rid of Razer Synapse, no change).

When I run OBS, now the CPU usage doesn't go over 1 or 2%, when it used to sit at 20%. I saw on some forums that it could be a temperature issue, but I ran some tests with MSI Afterburner and my CPU temp is fine.

Here is a video of the issue - when you see the mouse, that means the game window is selected, and when it disappears, I have OBS selected. (

Here are my system specs - I just built it 2 months ago. It has been running fine, with OBS and everything, until now:
i7-8700k not overclocked yet
Zotac GTX 1080TI 11GB Amp Edition
16GB Ram
Logitech C920 Webcam
Yeti Blue Mic

I also want to mention that since plugging in these two new devices, my keyboard has slightly changed weirdly (shift+2 prints " to the screen, shift+' prints @ to the screen) and I can no longer use webcam to record in NVidia Shadowplay, which I could do a few days ago.

Any ideas about what changed and how to fix? I thought maybe it was a mic/webcam issue, but even uninstalling and unplugging them doesn't change anything.


AndrewCooper69 - Log File


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UPDATE: So I realized after sending this that I had only tried this on one game. I tried on other games and it worked fine.

SO THE PROBLEM? Battlefront 2. Not sure why, not sure how, but that appears to be the only issue now. Still doesn't work, but just that one game. Maybe the Reddit post made a difference?