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obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio 4.9.1


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I just tested this tool and it works : between Windows X PC, as source with OBS (gigabit ethernet) and destination MacBook pro retina, as streaming platform (802.11ac). As expected, I had some issues (lag & stuttering) on my stream quality. But it works.
Next step is optimize obs settings and improve network architecture by using gigabit ethernet between source and streaming platform, and then using wifi to upload the stream.

So here is my questions :
How can I route NDI stream to an other network ?
Did someone try adding an USB3 LAN card, for a new network or VLAN dedicated to NDI signal ?
- usb 3 rather than pci express lan card so as to use chipset lane rather than pci lane of my intel processor -

I've got also this question : is it possible to crop source image before sending it on NDI ? Because I play on a 32/9 144Hz monitor for gaming, and want to only share the center 16/9 part of it (by cropping both left and right sides of the screen)... Is it possible ?

thanks for help


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I did some research :
NDI uses mDNS to establish connexion between devices :
It sourds interesting with layer 3 and QoS switches to isolate and optimize NDI trafic...
I also notice for Windows users :
« For successful discovery and registration of NDI, network locations should be set to Work or Home. »
Public location doesnt work. It could explain why some users could not see NDI sources


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I am having issues with NDI I have installed both OBS studio and NDI multiple times, and when I go into tools there is no option for NDI output.


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20:21:24.078: [obs-ndi] hello ! (version 4.6.2)
20:21:24.078: [obs-ndi] Trying 'C:\Program Files\NewTek\NewTek NDI 3.8 Runtime\v3'
20:21:24.078: [obs-ndi] Found NDI library at 'C:/Program Files/NewTek/NewTek NDI 3.8 Runtime/v3/Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll'
20:21:24.272: [obs-ndi] NDI runtime loaded successfully
20:21:24.272: [obs-ndi] CPU unsupported by NDI library. Module won't load.

You have an older AMD CPU that is not compatible with NDI.


Palakis updated obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio with a new update entry:

obs-ndi 4.7.0

Changes since 4.6.2
  • Plugin updated to NDI 4.0. Fixes an issue where previous versions of the plugin were not compatible with the NDI 4.0 Runtime. If the installer doesn't do it for you (on Windows & macOS), download the NDI Runtime using the link in the install instructions, then reinstall it and reboot. Linux users must install the new libndi manually.
Windows, Linux and macOS Install instructions: see the...

Read the rest of this update entry...


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So here is my issue:

NDI is installed on both, I can send audio and video from one PC to the other, any res, any frame rate just fine when not streaming

Then I hit stream on my streaming computer....

I am currently sending only audio as then it is nice and clear, and lowest works fine, but using High ( am trying to push a 1080p @30 and @60 to the streaming computer)

The stream falls flat on its face, OBS keeps disconnecting, the computer becomes unresponsive during these times, etc

Stream computer is maxes out using 16% processor during this time and during working streams, so I dont think it is tied to that.

What can I do to figure out what is going on to fix this? I would love to be able to upgrade my stream to do 60FPS properly but I cant figure out what is happening


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Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I've been having troubles with the audio coming from Skype over NDI.

For some reason, each feed seems to have all the audio feeds combined in each audio feed that comes through in OBS. So if I don't mute 2 of 3 of the feeds coming through, the audio is duplicated across each channel causing an echo.

Is there a way to force each source to only have the audio for the related video feed? Having them all separate would be great for being able to mix each person easier.


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For me it's completely not possible to install this plugin, it gets stuck at validating packages. Anyone else has/had the same problem?
I'm trying to install version 4.7.0.


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Basically I don't want to use this for PC to PC ... although I can get that to work on my gaming PC ( wireless ac ) and an old PC ( wired ) into router... Did also test having gaming PC wired to Router ... I just want to be able to import Skype calls... wish they was a way only to add the NDI Source and not the rest of it ...

My issue is that my usage goes from 6 - 8 % to about 18% - 20%. which I am not sure if this is normal performance for the plugin....

Also after closing OBS , there is still an instance of it running in the background. I always have to go into Task Manager to close it. This happens on both PCs... Do anyone else have this is or had this issue ?

If i uninstall the NDI plugin...

PC usage back to normal . ( 6.1% in screenshot )
Closing the program doesn't leave anything open in Task Manager...

Here some information from the log;

13:15:09.349: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz
13:15:09.349: CPU Speed: 2808MHz
13:15:09.349: Physical Cores: 4, Logical Cores: 8
13:15:09.349: Physical Memory: 32652MB Total, 27925MB Free
13:15:09.349: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 17763 (revision: 678; 64-bit)

Please help ... been trying to figure if I doing something wrong, something with my set up ... At my wits end...

For now , not installing the PLUGIN , unless I have a skype call planned .... Not worth the extra PC usage for what I would do ... would like to have the PLUGIN installed if can get these issues resolved ( especially the 2nd one )

Have the exact same issue with almost the exact same changes to CPU. The new NDI 4.0 appears to significantly increase my CPU usage over the older version. Any ideas?


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does anyone has the 3.8 ndi runtime and can share ?
form ndi website i can only download version 4.
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Installed the latest version of OBS 24.0.2 and this 4.7.0 plugin on a MacMini w ih Mojave OS on it. When i choose my Magewell NDI source at 'Sources' it crashes OBS. When i launch OBS again.. it crashes because it tries to connect to my NDI source. When i delete the 4.7.0 NDI plugin OBS starts as normal.