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obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio 4.13.0


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NDI Input/Output plugin for OBS Studio - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio

This plugin adds simple audio/video input and output over IP using NewTek's NDI™ technology.

Three integrations are currently available:
- NDI Source: add NDI Sources into OBS like any traditional source
- NDI Output: transmit the main program view over NDI
- NDI Filter: a special OBS filter that outputs its parent OBS source to NDI (audio works only with video capture sources, media sources and VLC sources)

This plugin requires the NDI V2 Runtime to be...

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Eliott V. A.

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Wonderful Plugin, Really good Job !
Can you make a blackmagic output plugin ???
i know it's really not the same job than NDI, but it's the same kind of plugin.
If I can get a plugins really the same than yours do with output by scene and general output too to NDI and Blackmagic SDI it will be just more wonderful and you will be my man !

But your plugin it's a really a good job.
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Just want to say thank you for completing this. This NDI is really something amazing. It removes the need to duplicate my screen with a capture card which caused many issues due to using a 144hz monitor :D


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So I get the jist of what this plugin does, but I have no idea what NDI is. Would this let me display the OBS preview screen in an OBS remote app?

Also since I have no idea what NDI is, any pointers on how to use implement it? I found their site, but they have a lot of products. No idea what I'm looking for?


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The name "NDI" implies that it is like SDI, or even HDMI, but over the network. It lets you transmit video over a local network with high quality and low latency. You can send your OBS preview out over NDI, and the open that preview using an NDI monitor program. There are several free tools from NewTek (the creators of NDI) that let you play around with NDI and will let you experiment with it in OBS:


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seems to be an issue with audio from the NDI source when recording/live streaming. retrieving the NDI footage is fine and the audio works fine but as soon as i record from the NDI source the output is choppy audio.


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This is a very good Solution to play at 1440p 144Hz and Stream with 720p 60fps, if you dont want to buy a 1k Capture Card :D I have only one issue. When i play games, the Framerate in OBS (Gaming PC witch Outputs the NDI Signal) droppes down a bit at a view Moments, when the CPU goes 10% and higher. Anyone has tips ?!


Palakis updated NDI Input/Output plugin for OBS Studio with a new update entry:

obs-ndi 4.0.1

This release fixes various annoying and show-stopping bugs.
Please note: this release still uses NDI 2.0. Support for the new NDI 3.0 runtime is currently being implemented.

Changes since 4.0
  • Bug fix: choppy audio from NDI source
  • Bug fix: framerate issues on some setups
  • Bug fix: excessive audio buffering in audio engine
  • New filter: "Fix alpha blending"
  • New source option: "Fix alpha blending". Applies the aforementioned filter to the current source....

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Glad new options are coming out for us 144hz dual PC setups. I have a few issues with it, even after 4.01:
  1. The audio is ever slightly delayed and not completely in sync.
  2. Discord is always in "Streamer Mode" because the NDI plugin is always running I guess, even when OBS is closed. It's kind of weird. When I uninstall NDI this issue disappears and my mouse movement feels more responsive


Palakis updated obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio with a new update entry:

obs-ndi 4.1

Changes since 4.0.1
  • Update to NDI 3.0: brings support for NDI-HX along with major performance and bandwidth improvements
  • NDI Main Output: huge performance improvement in the YUV conversion code. Tested with 4K 30fps
  • NDI Source: support for optional hardware acceleration (disabled by default in the source properties)
  • Bug fix: possible crash when turning off or restarting the NDI Main Output
Windows, Linux and macOS Install instructions: see the...

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Does this plugin allow us to do "multiple encoding/streaming" with a single machine ?

Basically all you have to do is run OBS with a preview and the NDI tool broadcasts like a display capture, at which point you can open another instance of OBS and use it to send casts. You can have multiple NDI casts pulled in to one machine and use that box to send out the stream. In fact there is even an android app that goes with this tool you can use. I haven't tested it out yet (It's 20.00$ in the play store), but I am certain it will be worth while. So in short yes, this negates the need for the nginx-rtmp (meaning not as many resources being used) in this regard. You'd still need it to push out to multiple places at once though (unless you run two instances of OBS).


Palakis updated obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio with a new update entry:

obs-ndi 4.1.2

Changes since 4.1.1
  • Bug fix: interleaved video from Main NDI Output (fixed back to progressive)
  • Bug fix: heavy tearing on video from Dedicated NDI Output
  • New Main Output option: "asynchronous sending". Can improve framerate on low-end systems, but causes tearing.
  • Bug fix: wrong settings dialog title
Windows, Linux and macOS Install instructions: see the release page on GitHub.

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This installed perfect on my gaming pc (win10), but I can't manage to install it properly on my streaming pc (win7).
I can install everything, but after several hours of trying back and forth, I still can't get it to work. The NDI option is nowhere to be found in the 'Tools' menu and I can not add it as a source.

Anyone know if this thing works on Win7 at all, or is it something else that's giving me a hard time?


Edit: Updated my streaming pc from win7 to win10, still doesn't work. I am confused.
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The NDI Newtek has a portable "NDI Monitor", Can we somehow make the plugin also portable to match the OBS-studio portable version?
(Right now we get the message "NDI Runtime not detected")