OBS Mic having issues with playback audio


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Last night i was changing/adding filters for my mic, stopped to continue the following morning to finish tinkering with making my mic sound decent for streaming and recording videos. Now i cant hear myself at all while trying to setup my filters. I can hear my mic after i tested recordings. But while i tested something with switching the audio monitoring from monitoring off to monitor and output (to hear my self while setting up the filters) still nothing. The privacy setting havent changed nor has any audio setting within the pc. Can Anyone help me out ?!?!


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Does the meter still work? The answer to that eliminates about half of the possibilities.


Since it's a common problem, I'll mention anyway, the pitfall of using the Default sources. That defers the choice of device to the operating system, which can and will change it without warning. Often in response to a device becoming available or not.

So the classic failure mode of using Default is to suddenly not work without you having changed anything. No meter. Just nothing. Because the same Default setting is looking at a different device now.

The solution, both after-the-fact and preemptively, is to not use Default, anywhere. Find all of them, and change them to the specific device that they're supposed to look at. Then they won't change.

The purpose of Default is to show that a fresh installation works, because it's the most likely with no knowledge of your rig whatsoever, to be connected to *something*. But even that's not guaranteed. Beyond that, it's a pure liability.