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I’m trying to figure out a good way to have lower third graphics that show the speaker’s name, etc., ideally in a way that I could store a list of expected speakers, but quickly generate a new one if needed. I saw someone just put together such a thing, but it apparently works only on OBS for Windows, since it needs a custom control panel. I’ve built my own lower thirds in Apple Motion, which I then rendered in Final Cut, but it seems really in efficient to have to pre-render a video for every person who might need to show up on a lower third. NewBlueFX Titler Pro looks like a perfect option with its output to OBS, but at its price, it is nearly the cost of Wirecast /just/ for titling functionality.

Is there any good option somewhere between manually pre-rendering every lower third and inserting it as a separate file and spending $500 on Titler Pro?

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I assume you need something more aesthetically pleasing that possible with just a simple Text layer in OBS?


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I was hoping to have something a bit more pleasing if possible. I can built something that looks pretty nice in Motion, as I mentioned. It just requires rendering a separate video asset ahead of time for each speaker. I've been trying to achieve something like a downstream key by creating a separate scene that has all of those pre-rendered assets turned off in it and then that scene is in every other (camera) scene. I can go into that holding scene and turn on the right asset, which seems to work, but still feels a little messy. And, it goes back to having to have all the graphics ready ahead of time with no way to correct during a live stream if something changes unexpectedly.

I've been using a Mevo camera, which has built in functionality that does a simple, but nice job with this...


I use a combination of graphic backgrounds and text objects with UPDeck. UPDeck give me the ability to set the deck up to allow me to change text on the fly and also to animate it within my lower third scenes. Then I just add those LT scenes where I need them.


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Hello tbutle... I am also doing a Livestreaming Church service using OBS. To start with I am not an expert and there are more ways than 1 to get around most problems. We are using a presentation software OpenLP (Open Source) most churches are using ProPresentor that I have seen. This method should work in both. This should also work for and image, or slide that you can set the background color. I set up the slide default theme so it has a green background and the words are in the lower third I use black outlines with white letters so it looks like the words are floating on a black border then set up a scene for just my green overlay slides in OBS (I call mine Green_Slides). I use an OBS filter chrome Key (Green) so that everything but the words is blanked out. (Basically a Green Screen). I then nest the Green_Slides scene into any other scenes that I need the word overlays on the video in that scene. I am also currently experimenting with Updeck as Tangential noted.