Bug Report OBS keeps resizing video capture source randomly

Justin Z

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As per the thread title, every time I open OBS there is a maybe 30-35% chance that my Elgato video source will have either expanded to ridiculous proportions (it's currently sized at 3034.6309 x 1695.0889 on a 1920x1080 canvas) or shrunk to some silly size like 500x300. There is no particular rhyme or reason to it. It always requires me to manually fix it, because I stream 4:3 retro consoles through the Elgato, so I have to hand trim the box to not have black bars on the sides. Happens even though the source itself is locked on every single scene.

Windows 64-bit 24.0.3. It's utterly baffling. Any ideas? For what it's worth, I forgot to generate a log file before quitting OBS, and when I reopened it in order to do so, it re-sized to the correct size. Like I said, no rhyme or reason.



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I would try removing the source and re-adding it. There may have been something that got corrupted with the .json, and it's not behaving correctly between when the scene loads and when the capture card detects its signal.

If that doesn't work, try adding a filter on the source to rescale it to 1280x720. That should prevent any source sizes from the capture card itself from changing how it is displayed in-scene. You can perform the normal resizing/cropping from this point.