OBS keeps kicking off my audio input capture mid stream and I don’t know how to enable it back on


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So my audio input capture is coming in through my XLR microphone (plugged in via an interface) and I can see the active input through the meter.

Everytime I start the stream, 5 minutes in it stops and I can’t enable it back on without restarting OBS. How can I fix this?

Troubleshooting I have done (I’m here because I don’t really know how to TS) (also, no log file).

To fix it I try to change the input device and change it back to the mic to kind of reset it, no luck.

Specs & Additional Details:

I’m running Logic Pro X on my 2017 Macbook Pro and I have a special soundflower input (also my input in Logic) to allow me to use live effects.

My mic is set up as an audio input capture within OBS.

The input works still concurrently in Logic Pro even when it disconnects from OBS