Bug Report OBS has been recently crashing (past 1-2 weeks)


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I've recently noticed my OBS Studio has been crashing while streaming. Here are my most recent logs that I've uploaded:

(Log file) https://obsproject.com/logs/az1_CF2gr0HnzjKC

(Crash Log) https://obsproject.com/logs/sRI__p_QbZv28qys

I have no idea how to interpret this, could someone please read over the crash log and see what is the problem here? I have UEFI BIOS, Chipset, and GPU drivers all updated to the latest possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


Be aware that if you are running StreamLabs OBS, it is not supported here.

Looking at the crash log, it shows that you are crashing in the x264 encoder.

Update Windows 10. The version you are using is build 1902 which was released May '19. Your Ryzen 3700X CPU was released June '19 one month later.

The current Windows 10 build is 1909 released Nov '19.

If you still have problems after updating Windows 10, consider:
- Are you overclocking the Ryzen 3700X? Don't.
- Run MemTest86 for stability at existing frequency and timings


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Hi all, I have updated the following to the latest drivers:

GPU, AMD Chipset, BIOS, Windows 10

Ran MemTest86 on my memory, 0 errors

All CPU overclocking options are set BACK to default/stock.

I am STILL crashing occasionally....could anyone take a look at my crash/log reports to see if something else is wrong here???

(Crash log) https://obsproject.com/logs/roVaCptGz93wPPhF
(Log report) https://obsproject.com/logs/tBzWFx5yIMg_l149

Thank you to any help!!