Obs freezes google chrome while in full screen


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Hi i am using obs to live stream to youtube and i have noticed that when I use window capture to capture google chrome window (which is full screen). The obs always freezes , the issue is temporarily resolved only when i change the scene and then revert back to the original scene, But that also freezes after i click on the window which obs is capturing. I don't know what is happening . Please can anyone help me regarding this. It is so embarrassing to live stream a frozen up video!!
here's my log file - https://obsproject.com/logs/5U5l5t8DAhU8Gkst


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I am having the same problem with Chrome and I am wondering if it's an update to OBS because if it's not in full screen mode it records fine. If you are screen recording in Twitter or other social media you don't have the option to resize to fill most of the screen. Can anyone confirm the issue is a glitch or intentional?