Bug Report OBS Fails to reconnect during connection drop out

My Interenet occasionally has a hic up and drops out while I am streaming. I'll relaunch my game / refresh my twitch chat and everything comes right back up.

OBS however does not. Not only does it simply stay at 0 kb/sec transmission, but when I click "Stop streaming" and confirm I want it to stop it refuses to actually stop streaming and I have to terminate the application and relaunch it in order to start my stream again.

I am using an Ubuntu 18.04 based system with NVENC encoding and OBS 24.0.3 (though this bug is not exclusive to this latest build - been happening since version 22 at least for me). Using nvidia driver version 440.59 at the moment - but the issue also happens under varying driver versions as well.

I'm attaching a log file from one of my sessions with this internet disruption happened and I had to end up force quitting OBS.


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I am able to reproduce this issue on demand by doing the following:

Start my stream
Disconnect my network connection
Tell OBS to Stop my stream after the connection has dropped to 0kb/sec
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It also appears that if I reconnect my network connection while OBS is still attempting to stop the stream it will then properly stop streaming.
I know it probably isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things - but I've donated a few hundred dollars to OBS over the years and it is sad that the first time I have a real issue there is no support to be had.

Canceled my patreon support. Pretty disappointing.


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I have exactly the same problem. I have Ubuntu 18.04 and OBS 24.0.3. Today it happened for the first time and the stream has already been interrupted 3 times.