Question / Help OBS Cuts In-Game Frames In Half, Just being open (not streaming or recording)


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Why does google go dumb when I ask questions as if out of the 7.5 billion people in the world no has ever searched for those terms. Can someone please, please, put an end to me thinking there is actually a conspiracy to keep me from streaming my games. I seem to have tried so many settings, even dished out $100 for a secondary GPU finding out that isn't really recommended anyway. I took the darn thing back out of my PC.

My games in-Game frames are literally cut in half immediately for simply opening either OBS studio or SLOBS.
I have tried NVENC, NVENC (new), X264 CPU, reducing in-game settings, reducing video output frames, adding exceptions to firewall for OBS I really need an answer to this. By now I should be the master of this App but before I even activate Stream or Record, the games I am in crap their pants when i am just running OBS. Games like Forza Horizon 4 get 70 to 90 FPS in 4K ULtra on this PC so long as I am not running OBS.

Well here goes nothing, here are my PC specs:
EVGA 850 Watt PS
Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard
CPU Liquid Cooled 8th Gen Intel i7 8086 Limited Anniversary Edition 4.0ghz base clock, 5.0ghz boost.
Ram Corsair Vengeance 32gb 3000mhz,
GPU Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti Extreme, Windows 10 1909.
500gb Samsung 970 Evo nVme Boot Drive
2tb Samsun 970 Evo nVme Game Drive
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