Question / Help OBS Control Via RS232


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I have a media player that is capable of sending RS232 command strings via it's RS232 port. I can create and schedule commands to be sent within the schedule software that also controls the content playlist and playback schedule.

I would like to be able to start and stop an OBS live stream using serial commands so programs can stream to YouTube or Facebook at scheduled times and dates without someone being there to manually start or stop an OBS stream.

Is there any way to control OBS using serial commands?

In this scenario the media player RS232 output would be connected via RS232 / null modem cable to an RS232 to USB converter. The RS232 to USB converter would be plugged into the USB port of the computer where OBS is installed. OBS would be running and the computer would be connected to the internet. RS232 commands would start the "live" stream which would really be playing pre-recorded content on a scheduled basis. It would need to also start Facebook live or YouTube live stream.

Any thoughts?


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OBS does not have RS232 control as a feature, no.

I'd advise looking into an RS232-to-keyboard command converter application; at that point you could just set up and control OBS through hotkeys instead.