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    Question / Help OBS Control Via RS232

    I have a media player that is capable of sending RS232 command strings via it's RS232 port. I can create and schedule commands to be sent within the schedule software that also controls the content playlist and playback schedule. I would like to be able to start and stop an OBS live stream...
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    Non-Free CamController - PTZ Camera Controller (MultiCam) and OBS Swtiching 1.03

    PTZ camera control system that integrates with OBS to allow for control of 1 or more cameras from a gamepad. Multiple cameras can be control from the same game pad, as well as camera switching in OBS. CamController works with Axis Network cameras, ONVIF compatible cameras as well as cameras...
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    Serial rs232 module for shortcuts

    would good if obs gets a serial imput mode for shortcuts independent of keyboard. example: if it receive byte 00101100 { smooth cut } .