Question / Help OBS cant stream in fps I am setting it to?


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Hello there I have recently been trying to get into streaming and think that my pc should definitely be able to handle some of the settings I am putting it to in obs. I have tried numerous different settings switching from 60fps to 30fps whilst using different amounts of sources in my scenes to try and test it out however every single time my obs drops down to about 20fps even whenever i drop it to 720p. This happens whether I have 1 source such as a display capture or multiple on top of that such as a facecam and border etc. I am new to this and think it could be a problem on my end as my pc should be able to do 720p 60fps at the very least (however probably higher) but tbh could also be completely wrong in that assumption. I am not sure on how to post a log however if you need one I could probably figure out. Any help would be much appreciated as this pc is gonna go out the window if it keeps this up.