Question / Help OBS black screen,no video adapter shown

Do you have multiple monitors on your gaming rig? That looks to me like a secondary monitor is coming through which has no start bar, icons etc. If that's the case then your cabling is not right or you haven't configured display cloning correctly if that is what you are doing

will Sim

New Member
I guess I had not really issues,just wrong settings in the end as on a dual pc setting, you must use the "Video Capture Device" and clone the monitors(gaming and streaming) . I did it on Nvidia Control Panel as in Control Panel had no option to close the monitors
You are the man.Thank you a lot for your time..I shall pass what I know to others setting this up.There is some lack of information,technicalities.
Now,you said you stream,what is your youtube.twtich?
I know I will have audio issues,for wanna use my at2045(with steimberg urm28)as my gaming mic.
And gotta tweak my settings to optimize my quality,but that is ok