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Hello everyone,I have dual pc set up to stream.
Issues is as the title states,I have a black screen.....have one assumption left.....running as adm.just in case

Gaming pcspecs

maximus hero VII
hyperx ram
black widow chroma keayboard(even deleted software)
asus xonar essence sound card

Streaming pc

"OBS multiplatform 32 bits" Even if it not not 64 bits,it should not be a reason to have black screen
asus z97 pro mobo
avermedia c985 capture card
steimber ur28 m audio interface and at 2035

I have tried several stuff as:
-Deleted keyboard software because i heard it gave issues with obs
-On nvidia control panel,could not do much because most issues fix there are for laptops.
-I checked physical connections or hdmi splitter...on bios, i have only 980...not issues with gpu because i do play ganes etc
-Re downloaded gpu drivers
-Game capture:no black screen
-Display capture:it displays streaming pc windows
-Vdeo captrure: No signal
-Setting/video adapter: None

I have not idea what could be,an incompatibility.

Furthermore,cannot add any game...hence probably why the black screen
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will Sim

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Checked issues...can open the software well...checked wires and they are routed fine...not too familiar with obs but followed the settings from tutorials...Also,on windows capture,am i supposet to capture my streaming pc's monitor or gaming? thank you for replying
In your scene add a new Source, choose Video Capture Device from the drop down. Create New and give it a name, click OK and then in the Device drop down choose your Avermedia which should be listed there. Hopefully you'll get a preview of your gaming PC screen.

will Sim

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i have the 32 bits version..tried using the 64 bits version and followed the tutorial(dragging files into the 64 bit file etc) but at the end could not make the 64 bit work..will try tmre

will Sim

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newer according to my log files.Can only see two
that is my stream pc logs.hence why the gpu dedicated card shows as 4600..wonder if that is an issue....


  • 2015-08-15-2035-54.log
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will Sim

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I plugged in and out again the gpu and avermedia hdmi
I see my monitor layout(no icons etc)video capture device
Game capture does not work nor windows capture display anything yet
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I just took a look at your logs, sorry for the delay and the information I am about to give you. Sadly you've logged your request in the wrong forum this is for OBS MP and you are running the old version of OBS. I can't (don't know how to) move your question over to the correct forum, could you repost it here:

You could also try using OBS MP if you would like as this is the only version where development is moving forward, you can download that here:
So you've got a Video Capture device set up and the log says it's captured. However you have a lot of other video captures in the scene as well.

First off can you just remove your Window Capture, Game Capture and Display Capture from the scene.
Second it appears that your capture card is outputting 1280x720 at 30fps. So go to the Video Capture Device in your scene, Right click on it and choose Properties. Change Resolution/FPS type to Customer Change Resolution to 1280x720 should be in a drop down list. Then see if you can see the picture in the preview.
If nothing then make sure that Device is Full Screen in the preview by Right clicking on your Video Capture Device, choose Transform and then Fit to Screen.

Let me know if any of that helps.

will Sim

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i was able to see the gaming screen,and that is,before,but i do can see my gaming monitor screen(no icons)
thank you
Sorry I'm not 100% clear what you are trying to achieve now. So you can see your gaming machine in the preview via the Avermedia correct? Describe what else you want to add to the scene? What do you mean by "no icons" ? Maybe you could post some screenshots to help me understand

will Sim

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Sorry for being uncleared.
My preview shows the gaming pc layout only,nothing else. Meaning that there are not icons shown on the preview(software).I am not sure if that is how it works.
Why can;t I use game capture?
So since I am not using game capture,how do I hook up the game to OBS?
So let's say I open Dayz,,then when I open OBS(as adm) and I activate Video Capture on the streaming pc, is OBS suppose to be showing the game? Because it is not....So not sure how I can stream from here.Thank you.I hope I am clear
You specified above that you have a 2 PC streaming setup with an Avermedia capture card. So I assumed what you wanted to achieve was this.

1) Game running on gaming machine
2) OBS running on streaming PC
3) Output from capture card appearing in OBS

There is no way to use Game Capture in a 2 PC set up because it has to 'hook' to the game running locally and your configuration doesn't allow that as the game is not running on the streaming PC.

So you have to use a Video Capture Device as your source to capture the output from the Avermedia card in OBS. Your Avermedia card supports HDMI in and HDMI out so when you set it up as a Video Capture Device in OBS you should see whatever is coming in on the input for the card.

So I have a very similar configuration this is what I see in OBS Preview when I have no game running on my PC, it's just the desktop with my collection of desktop icons :-) Do you see something similar?


When I have a game playing Minecraft in this case I see this:


If you have your capture card set up correctly whatever you do on the gaming PC should appear in the preview window.

will Sim

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Thank you.This information is so useful!
Based on your pictures,I have issues.I do not see my game nor my desktop icons as you do.Will post my desktop, but all you will see is my wallpaper