OBS Audio Problem (Stutters/Cuts)

Okay ... I was not the A&H guy, but I am running an A&H Q16 board as my audio interface to OBS. I have had this intermittent audio stuttering going on 4 months now. I monitor the board and the board is clean. I originally thought that the problem was once my live stream left my computer and hit the internet. I spent weeks accessing that track to no avail. I decided to start recording the live shows and wallah ... the issue on my computer recordings were the identical time stamp on the internet replays.

So, A&H is not the issue (ASIO). I began thinking that perhaps some computer processing was taking place in the background. For me, a 60 minute show may have 4-5 incidents lasting 45-60 secs (seems like a life time). I shut down all unnecessary processes and I had a flawless show. Until the next week, which had more stutters than ever. I've had 17 live shows now and only 2 without stutters. I have been racking my brains for quite some time now. I've been thinking that I need to throw a different computer in to the mix to rule out the computer being causative.

Has anyone else employed the suggested "VoiceMeeter" software and has proven it effective?