OBS Audio drops / Cam freezes / instable connection


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Hey guys,

I am using a HP Windows 10 laptop for my streaming. I have a DDJ-1000 connected to my USB port of the laptop to get audio into OBS (a second fUSB from my DDJ goes to my other PC where Rekordbox is installed on). It seems i have 3 problems i cant get fixed.

1. Every time i stream at least once during that stream the audio is gone, which will come back when i plug out/in the USB again. It fails at 13:47:01.110 i think.
2. My Webcam Logitech C920 just freezes, when i deactivate/activate it in OBS, it starts working again. time of error: 13:56:45.922
3. My laptop is LAN connected, but everytime i stream the audio gets very instable. it happens at 13:03:45.089

I always do a windows update before i start streaming so i dont have that interferring with my stream.

I attached my logging as a txt file. Hope you guys can help me out.