Question / Help OBS ASIO Driver Focusrite Scarlett 2i4


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Hi there,
I own a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and my plan is to Stream on twitch via OBS some music with my E-Drumset.
the Drumset is plugged in via MIDI In and gets it sounds from AddictiveDrums 2 (AD2). The problem i have is, that the actual sound emulated from AD2 is not included in the Desktop sound. It also does not work with the specialized ASIO OBS Driver....i tried to follow all instructions listed in another thread. i also tried to fix the Problem with Voicemeeter Potato but i think ive been to dumb for it or there is no way to solve my problem.

i anyone out there who can help me?
im really close to my goal to just stream while im shredding my drums ^^