OBS and Zoom - Infinite Loop Video when Zoom is Display or Window Capture Source


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I used the Github repo below to set up OBS to record Zoom calls using VB Audio's virtual audio cables.

I am unable to get work properly without an "infinite loop" in the virtual camera. I know the readme advises turning off the webcam in Zoom to avoid getting the infinite loop. However, I would like to record the Zoom call, including my camera, without having to call in to the Zoom call from a separate computer. Does anyone know how I can make this happen? I have tried launching a second instance of OBS. I have also tried putting OBS on one monitor and Zoom on my second monitor. Both approaches still produce an "infinite loop" video when I put the Zoom window as a source as either Display Capture or Window Capture in OBS.

I have used the set up detailed in the Youtube video below. Again, works nicely expect for when I want to make the Zoom Meeting window the source in OBS to be recorded. I get an infinite loop.