OBS 28.0.3 Installer Bug


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I deleted OBS from my computer because It was not recording all my video and I was planning to download it again. When I downloaded the installer though, It came up whit this message saying that OBS Studio is open when it is not. Can someone please help me fix this issue.


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I'm suspecting you deleted manually from selected folders on the disk drive, vs uninstalling?
That message would typically mean you did NOT uninstall/remove OBS previously

For others to help you, you may need to provide (exact/technical) details of what you did when you "I deleted OBS from my computer". Sorry.. but saying you 'deleted an application' is ambiguous


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Have you restarted Windows?
Probably a bad configuration on windows is not liberating the process and the only way to liberate all processes is restarting, not turn off and on, restart.
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