NVENC Encoding Issue

Billy Cao

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Hi all, I'm experiencing some weird NVENC recording issue that I never had for months of using. When I try to start record, it will be stopped immediately with an error pop up saying encoding failed, and sometimes it happens in the middle of recording (say 2min into the recording). The recorded part of video seems fine when it happens in the middle of a recording. It started happening suddenly about 3 weeks ago, and updating to latest driver does not help (I'm always on latest Nvidia studio driver). I attached the log file below.
The log file shows its due to 'encoding lag' which seems non-sense to me. I'm running a RTX 2060 super which should have plenty of encoding power for a 2K60fps video. I have used OBS with maxed out encoding settings on NVENC and had zero issues since I got my PC in July 2020. And now even if I drop down all the encoding quality settings, the issue still happens. So I believe its definitely a software related issue. I tried reinstaling nvidia driver and restarting the system, it will work for a day, then the next day everything will break again.
Using x264 on CPU has no issue, but CPU encoding often gets overloaded on my PC so that's not an option.


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