Nobody helps you in the forums.


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I asked for help 2-3 times and waited for a week to get a response. Still no response. I used to love obs until it started acting weird and it always crashes my minecraft when I record. It never works so I tried to use the OBS-AMD-Advanced-Media-Framework. I don't really know how to download it so I asked again and nobody answered. Please you are good at this but you seriously need to actually help people in the forums.


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The forums are only managed by volunteers and the general community. There is no paid support, so sometimes threads don't get answered, especially if they are issues that can be solved by simple googling, meaning volunteers don't want to have to repeat themselves over and over.

Another thing that hurts posts is not posting logs. The top of each support forum clearly states that if you're looking for help, it's best to accompany your post with a log. Looking back on your past threads shows that you did not do that.

Also, be sure you're posting in the right place. You made a thread asking about the AMD VCE plugin, and you posted your question in the OBS Classic support forums. It would have been better to post it on the OBS Studio support forums, or better yet, on the actual thread for the VCE plugin.

Sometimes you might have better luck on the community chat linked above instead.