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Im using an Ultrastudio Mini to capture video from a Sony A7iii into Mac OS and Im getting no video input in OBS in either "Blackmagic Device" and "Video Capture Device" Ive downgraded to V 21.1.1 and 22.0.3 Ive restarted my computer, my ultrastudio, OBS and my camera multiple times and nothing is working.


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Check that you have the latest version of BlackMagic's software and use that to make sure the device's firmware is the latest.


I use BMD mini recorders with OBS 23.1 (to capture video from other computers and cameras) almost daily on both my iMac and on my MacBook Pro. Sometimes the BMDs are a bit finicky to get working, but they DO work. Couple of things to be sure you have right:

1) You must have downloaded and installed the BMD "Desktop Video Setup" app on the streaming computer. Go online and be sure to install the latest version, as the version shipped with the BMD may not be the latest. Using that app, be sure the BMD input is correctly set (SDI or HDMI, obviously normally HDMI if you are connecting to another computer). For some reason, even after setting and saving HDMI on the app, it will sometimes re-set to SDI, no idea why; but apparently that is the default setting, so double-check this.

2) When you connect the Thunderbolt cable to the BMD, be sure it is right side up (the Thunderbolt logo up). It is possible to force/plug the cable in upside down – not only does this not work, but you can ruin the cable.

3) Properly connected, and with the streaming computer "seeing" the BMD the little white LED confidence light on the BMD near the Thunderbolt jack will be on. If not, unplug the cable from the back of the computer and/or re-boot it until that white light is on. Now start OBS, not before.

4) Be sure the BMD is connecting to OBS, not some other application on your streaming computer. Set the BMD up as a source in OBS. Again, for best success, and this is important, the white confidence light should to be on before you start OBS and before you plug in the HDMI source to the other side of BMD box.

5) The BMD doesn't like longer HDMI cables — keep the connection cable from the source computer to the BMD as short as possible.

6) For some reason I often have better "plug and play" luck when taking video off another computer via the DisplayPort (if it has one) than the HDMI out, but I have had good results, too, from HDMI.

7) If taking video off a laptop, the video "send" from a laptop needs to be correctly set. Powerpoint and Keynote have settings (presenter mode vs. normal) that affect that, as does the display "mirroring" setting. When in doubt, turn off "presenter mode" in PPT/KEY and toggle the display mirroring mode using Command+F1 until it works (or go into System Preferences-Display-etc).

8) Finally, here's a YouTube that helped me:
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Hi thanks for the information, the trouble I am having is OBS is unable to distinguish the difference between the two recorders as they have exactly the same input name.... Have any idea how to fix this?