sony a7

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    Question / Help Newbie, please help!

    Hello. I have a Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.2. I have purchased 2 x Mirabox Capture Cards. I have connected the capture cards to my Macbook Pro using the USB C cables. I have then connected 2 x Sony A7iii cameras to the capture card and added them to the INPUT port. Within OBS, I have...
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    Question / Help No Video From UltraStudio Mini

    Im using an Ultrastudio Mini to capture video from a Sony A7iii into Mac OS and Im getting no video input in OBS in either "Blackmagic Device" and "Video Capture Device" Ive downgraded to V 21.1.1 and 22.0.3 Ive restarted my computer, my ultrastudio, OBS and my camera multiple times and nothing...