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I've done some search in the forum but I'm the echo threads all had different options than what I'm seeing on my version. So I did a stream to YouTube of my desktop with auto. In the Sources I had a Display Source and an Audio Input Capture source. Everything sounded great as I streamed (none of my watchers complained and I heard no sound but me speaking) but then when I watched the playback of the stream there was an echo. So then I did a test by doing a recording with the same settings and there was NO echo in the recording. I was using a headset during the recording and had the device set to my headset. What did I set up incorrectly?

The log file is attached.


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If you watch your stream while you're streaming, and the browser you're watching your stream with is outputting its audio to an audio device you're also capturing for your stream, then you will produce an echo. This kind of echo is not produced for recording, since you never watch your recording while it's still recording.
How to avoid: don't watch your own stream from the same device you're producing the stream on. If you want to check and monitor your stream, use your smartphone.

According to your log, you have a duplicate microphone source configured. You don't need to explicitly add your mic as audio input capture source, because OBS already configures your system's audio in Settings->Audio. The "default" devices in that setting are the default Windows audio devices. If you plug in a headset, this is usually the headset. Leave it as default or explicitly set a device here and remove your audio input source in the sources list to remove the duplicate.