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So I am new here and relatively new to OBS (my wife uses it for Twitch) so I just wanted to run a project plan by you all to see if there are any major issues I should be concerned about.

I am about to launch a weekly live streamed news show for my company which we will stream to our own rtmp platform and as such am planning the studio setup. We want to stream at 1080p/60 but also record locally at 2160p/60 so we have the following equipment in mind:

3x BlackMagic Studio Camera 4k (12G-SDI)
BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio Pro 4k

The workflow should be:

Studio Cameras -> ATEM -> Capture Device -> OBS -> rtmp server

The problem I have at the moment is the Capture Device. How can I capture the 12G-SDI on the OBS machine? I was thinking of maybe using the BlackMagic DeckLink 4k Extreme 12G card in the OBS machine and feeding that from the Aux SDI from the ATEM - is that going to be possible?

If it is I presume I can just select the DeckLink in OBS as a Capture Source, setup my scenes, configure OBS to stream at 1080p/60 and also to record locally at 2160p/60? Does anyone have this setup (or a similar 4k setup?).

I will probably need to add a couple of Teranex Mini HDMI to 12G-SDI boxes into the mix as well so we can link in some HDMI 2.0 sources for PC Graphics and Skype/Facetime guests.

Obviously we will need lenses, lights, tripods, cables, microphones etc. as well but they are not important for this discussion.

Also, how much grunt will the OBS PC need in order to do all of this - bandwidth is not an issue as we can get 10Gb/s up/down if need be and the rtmp server will be on the same network as the OBS PC. But I am more interested in other hardware specs for the OBS pc such as CPU, RAM and local storage (for saving the 2160p/60 video) - should this be on an NVME/SSD array or will regular storage be fast enough?

Thanks in advance for any responses - this is a pretty exciting project for me as I have been wanting to set up this show for over 10 years now.

Also Happy New Year to you all.


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This Blackmagic-centered article may help you to see how others build a studio with Blackmagic devices:
Where you are searching for a capture device to connect to OBS, the article uses a Blackmagic Ultrastudio device to stream. May be this can act as the capture device you're searching for, but I suppose it could also act as complete streaming client.

The BlackMagic DeckLink 4k Extreme 12G Card should work for capture is my thought - I should be able to send the switched feed straight from the ATEM to the card and pick it up as a capture device with OBS. That would make this setup a lot cheaper than the studio in the article you linked to and does 2160p/60 (which the equipment in the article will not do) as you no longer need the recording units as OBS can record the stream directly to the PC running OBS (or a high speed NAS) - so the workflow for me should look something like this:

Studio Cameras ⇨ ATEM ⇨ DeckLink Card ⇨ OBS ⇨ RTMP Server
                   ⇧                     ⇩
  Teranex Mini HDMI to 12G-SDI    2160p/60 Recording
           HDMI 2.0 Source

I just need to make sure the DeckLink is detectable in OBS - I know the DeckLink Duo is but not sure about the 4k Extreme 12G and in order to be able to record at 2160p/60 this is an essential piece of the puzzle.