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    Question / Help 4k camera works lagfree on Linux, not on Windows

    I tested the Logitech Brio recording in 4K without any perceptible lag on the Linux version of OBS, but on Windows I get a very obvious lag despite any configuration I try. On Linux I configured the video format as NV12 on 4K, but on Windows this option does not exist for 4k video, despite...
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    Question / Help 4k preview (on a second monitor) solved

    Hello all. Is there some sort of plugin or anything within OBS, which i can use for a 4k preview? Really need that 4k on my second display. It's showing 4k@1920, can't find the way to get 4k. Need to capture OBS footage in 4k. Thanks alot in advice. Nevermind, will use ndi.
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    Question / Help New 2160p/60 Studio Setup

    Hey. So I am new here and relatively new to OBS (my wife uses it for Twitch) so I just wanted to run a project plan by you all to see if there are any major issues I should be concerned about. I am about to launch a weekly live streamed news show for my company which we will stream to our own...