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Hi, all. I'm having an issue using the NDI plugin for local recording and streaming. I have had a dual PC setup for a couple months now, and it worked fine for both recording and streaming until now. I have my gaming PC and encoding PC connected to my (Sagecom Wave 2) router with the same gigabit cables, and I haven't changed any kind of settings since then.

What is happening now is that the incoming NDI signal on the encoding PC is stuttering and freezing every couple seconds. I have Task Manager open on both PCs and I'm monitoring the Ethernet usage under the Performance tab. The "Send" speed on my gaming PC stays at around 140Mbps when I have OBS open, however, it will drop down to around 10Mbps for a second or two, then jump back up. I'm not sure what caused this to start happening.

Many people have replied to my Reddit post suggesting it is an encoding issue, but I know that this isn't the case. It is clearly a network issue. I guess what I should be asking is, is my Sagecom router the cause of these issues, or is there perhaps some kind of settings or configuring I can do on the router itself to stop this?

If anyone has an insight or info on what can be causing this, please let me know.

Here is a log file of what is happening. I started and stopped recording a few times to see if there is something going on. Thanks!

Log File:


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That network graph isn't necessary indicating network capacity, but utilization. So it could be dropping because it's falling behind receiving or decoding an NDI stream, or if the other side is falling behind encoding it. If it's just straight up network capacity you'd test that like any other network issue.

So if the other PC sending NDI has a problem, the encoding PC will no longer be receiving NDI at the same rate.

You've got multiple incoming NDI feeds on an i5, and the log does indicate some problem keeping up with decoding:

19:29:32.978: adding 46 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 139 milliseconds (source: NDI™ Source 3)
19:29:35.541: adding 116 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 255 milliseconds (source: NDI™ Source 3)

That said.. that much buffering isn't a huge deal. You may need to look at the log on the sending PC as well?