NDI source's problem with VPN


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Hey everyone.....May you read this post completely?
I have 2 systems (one for game ,the other for stream & both of them are connected together) with *only one* internet connection & always it's connected to the first system
in the first system , i only play games (NDI main output ) which i always disable the preview option in obs but it doesn't have any effect on fps in games....
also nordvpn is installed in this system (i mean first)
the second system is only for streaming (NDI Source) which i want to stream *Without being connected to vpn*

so until now let me make it short:
First system is for gaming which is connected to vpn & obs is running (but not streaming)
Second system get its internet from first system (but *Without VPN connection*) & it's for streaming

So here is the problem :
when i *Do not* run nordvpn in the first system, everything is correct......
but when i run nordvpn , in the second system i'll get black screen.....(but it has access to internet without vpn)
Sorry if my english is bad , i hope that i was clear enough to understand you....