NDI Across Network Solution


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So I've been searching for a solution that would allow three users to stream their A/V from their desktops as sources in OBS. I've come across the NDI solution and it works perfectly when you're on LAN. However, I'm searching for a solution that provides the same functionality, but over an internet connection rather than on LAN. I read a bunch of guides in the Guides forums, but I'm fairly new and haven't been able to decipher everything yet.

I have experience with programming, but it's been a couple years. I have an rPi I could setup as a media server (if you think that's what I need). I'd just need to shake off the server setup cobwebs lol

If anyone knows of a previous thread that answers this, I couldn't find it myself. However, I didn't quite know what to search.

I appreciate any help anyone has on this topic.


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Uh .... NDI v5 has new feature/functionality (Bridge), to work over WAN/Internet

Or, with high quality VPN setup, and decent network knowledge/understanding
or obs.ninja

but I'd certainly start with NDI Bridge