NDI™ Runtime not found MacOs Ventura


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New to using an Elgato capture card with OBS.
Downloaded OBS 28.1.2, OBS Link and all required NDI plugins but I cannot get NDI to appear as an option when adding a new source.
I've attempted to use both obs-ndi 4.8.0 and an older version 4.7.1 as well, and neither work. Mac OS Ventura 13.01

Also, every time I start up OBS, I get this error message:
NDI™ Runtime not found.
Download the installer here: http://new.tk/NDIRedistV4Applehttp://new.tk/NDIRedistV4Apple

No matter how many times I click the link and install the runtime, it continues to prompt that NDI Runtime is not found after each startup.


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Same here since updating from OBS 27.1.3 to 28.1.2 under Ventura. Using obs-ndi 4.10.0 does not work with OBS 28.1.2 as it always prompts "Runtime not found", no matter how often you install the 4.10 runtime package.

It still works with OBS 27.1.3


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Solution found here: