Multiple crashes going slowly worse (and slowly insane)


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Hi, I'm sorry, English is not my main language. I wanted to know if anyone could help me figure out what is wrong with my obs. I've been using this software for the past few weeks, and since a few days, a stinger transition that worked perfectly disappeared. Furthermore, each time I try to put it back, it crashes as soon as I press ok on stinger transition. I tried to think and, in the last days, i tried installing a few plugins, which none of worked, except for the StreamElements one. In the end, i tried uninstalling OBS and downloading it via steam, but same issues, so I tried to uninstall it and download it on this site. Last thing, It also says now everytime I open it that the midi sources have occured an issue (appears 3 times i think). After all these issues, the one that took me down was the cause of the last 2 crashes: I can no longer access the parameter window. It says it cannot find the local file, but the "open the parameter file" works. Thanks for reading this, and if you can help me, please do, cause it is making me crazy and I just to freely stream.


  • Crash 2023-11-30 00-01-41.txt
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