More UI Layout OPTIONS


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Hello, I'm a OBS user with limited Screen space wich is the reason i use a half monitor OBS, The problem however is there are not enough options to customize the UI layout inside OBS to make optimal use of the space availible (see the example of my current situation).

This is the current situation.

The problem here is that the preview window is not moveable or doesnt have snapping sides. (SLOBS) does have a UI layout function that enables functions similar to my wishes.

Maybe this functionallity already exists in OBS and i just don't know how it works but if not, maybe the OBS devs can implement a function like this or someone can make a plugin that enables this functionality.

But here is the layout i would like to be able to create inside OBS Studio.
How it should be.png


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You can detach Chat from OBS and just put it beside OBS and get a bit more flexibility in the layout. I do this to create a layout that looks like this:


I think if you detach the Activity Feed and put it above you should be able to stack the rest in the three rows that OBS gives you.