ui layout

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    Define a shortcut to activate Windowed projector (Source)

    Does it exist some way (shortcut, script, extension, whatever) in order to activate the windowed projector through some keypress? My final purpose is to do some automations with ahk.
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    OBS layout issue.

    A simple question really. How the hell do I get the stream chat to extend all the way down the left-hand side of the program. I've tried just about every possible Configuration for the layout and none of them will allow the chat to be as shown with the red box. Pretty sure this is something...
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    More UI Layout OPTIONS

    Hello, I'm a OBS user with limited Screen space wich is the reason i use a half monitor OBS, The problem however is there are not enough options to customize the UI layout inside OBS to make optimal use of the space availible (see the example of my current situation). This is the current...