More command line switches for automation


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Hi there! This is more or less a cross-post from a thread I made in the Linux support subforum.

I'd like to integrate OBS into a script I use to run my games with various different configurations. I want OBS to invisibly start recording at the start of the game, and I would like to cleanly stop recording and exit at the end of the game. I've got the start recording part with the --startrecording option, and as long as I have a tray running and system tray enabled, I can hide it immediately with --minimize-to-tray.

My primary concern is stopping it cleanly. It seems to ignore SIGINT when sent from kill or pkill, and SIGQUIT and SIGTERM just make it exit immediately. I would much rather there be command line arguments to be sure I can cleanly stop and exit. Another concern, though it's minor: I want to be able to tell OBS via command line what filename to record to, and it doesn't seem to provide any facility to do that.

Thanks for your consideration.