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Free Monstercat FM Song to textfile 1.0.3


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Ineentho submitted a new resource:

Monstercat FM Song to textfile - Save the current song and albumart to a file

I found no easy way of getting the current song playing at, so I decided to write a little utility that parses what the monstercat bot says in the chat.

Currently it can:
  • Save the current song to a text file
  • Download the album art for the current song
Both of these are useful if you are a streamer and want to display the current song in a clean way while listening to the Monstercat Twitch channel. You can simply...

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not sure if this is still an open thing here but once I try to install MCFM via the node cmd prompt it gives me a string of code that says :Error: cant find python executable "Python", you can set the PYTHON env variable.
Now i am VERY new to coding and everything but can I get some help installing and setting this up? I REALLY want this for my overlay set up


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actually i got the program to create the text file but its not reading from chat so I dont know what the problem is.