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Free Monstercat FM Song to textfile 1.0.3

I found no easy way of getting the current song playing at, so I decided to write a little utility that parses what the monstercat bot says in the chat.

Currently it can:
  • Save the current song to a text file
  • Download the album art for the current song
Both of these are useful if you are a streamer and want to display the current song in a clean way while listening to the Monstercat Twitch channel. You can simply create a text source pointing to the text file generated by this tool.

You can find the source code at:

It's quite easy to install it, but first you need to have nodejs installed.

When you have node installed, open a terminal and write
npm install -g mcfm

Now mcfm should be installed, but it will require a oauth token for accessing the chat as your user. In order to get one, you can use

When you got your token, you can see one of the examples at the project page I posed earlier. For example, in order to both download the album art and save the current song to a text file, you can do (of course, changing my login details):

mcfm -u Ineentho -o oauth:f9ehfrsc0ws24nlqgsbcaasoaqf25x -f current-song.txt -F "{song} by {artist}" -A albumart.png

This plugin should work on all platforms that nodejs runs on (Windows/Mac/Linux/...)

I hope you find it useful!

Screenshot of how it works:
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