"Monitor and Output" - sound lag(delay) when using game headset


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Hi all!
I am using OBS (26.0.2) to record game videos (albion online; i give the game name, because maybe it matters)
I change game sound output to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) in windows 10 settings
and also I installed custom virtual sound device - CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable) to record discord sound
I use both of these sources in "Monitor and Output" mode
All work fine while i'm using common headset
But when i plug in my game headset A4 Bloody G501 - lag (delay) comes
But it does not appear immediately after plugging in. It starts lagging after a while
sound comes with delay. about one second
If I restart OBS - it works fine at first, but after a while lag comes again
What can be wrong ?
If some logs is needed let me know


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Hi, I think I have the same problem!
I use the setup for calls. First few minutes everything is ok. Later (max 1h) the audio is delayed by increasing intervals. Can be up to 1.5 seconds I think (estimate).

Here is my setup:
  1. OBS 26.0.2 (latest) on Mac OS 10.15.7 (latest)
  2. Using BlackHole 2ch 0.2.7 (latest), but having same issue with VB-Audio virtual cable
  3. Jabra usb headphones, Trust USB microphone
  4. In OBS settings, Mic/Aux audio is set to the Trust mic. Monitoring device set to BlackHole
  5. In audio properties of the Mic/Aux, "Monitor and Output" is selected under audio monitoring.
  6. In my call software, I select BlackHole as the audio source, "microphone"
I have tried:
  1. playing with (muting/unmuting etc) many many settings in OBS, MacOS's MIDI audio device panel and MacOS's Sound panel.
  2. Blackhole 16ch, VB-Audio
  3. No filters on the Mic/Aux
  4. Using Mic/Aux 4 instead of 1
  5. Restart the whole system
  6. Different call apps. Even the photobooth app recording video locally exhibits this

Nothing helped.

Restarting OBS solves it every time. But this is a dirty workaround that I would like to not have to use.

Keywords: OBS lag delay latency monitor
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Follow-up: The de-sync/latency is noticeable even after 30' of using OBS, regardless of whether I'm on a call or not.
So, essentially I have to restart OBS every 20' or so :(


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I'm having the same problem but on MacOS Catalina. (10.15). I figured it was a high precision timer issues as seen other places on this forum, but alas its a multi-platform issue. The monitor output is now several seconds behind reality after OBS has been running 18 hours or so.
I'm now looking at hardware video switchers from black magic. Wondering what the best alternatives to OBS are.