MidiKey2Key translates MIDI-Events to key-shortcuts

Free MidiKey2Key translates MIDI-Events to key-shortcuts


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Thanks for this, it could be Nice if we could configure keystokes differently for differents programs ( for example one button of a midi controller when focused on obs send the configured keystoke and when focus on protools the same button send the keystoke configured for protools and when focused on Firefox it send the keystroke configured for firefox.... and have a global configuration for a second button on our midi controller so no matter what windows is focused, it always sends the configured keystoke (as it is right now)


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Hi Der Abt, can MidiKey2Key connect to local MIDI software devices? For example, I am trying to connect it to VMPK but the MidiKey2Key UI doesn't list it as an available input device.


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I am trying to get the tool working for my sustain pedal.

Expected behavior:

- when I press and hold the sustain pedal, the key CTRL is pressed and hold
- when I release the sustain pedal, the CTRL key is released

Behavior I get:

- the CTRL key is NOT pressed when I press the sustain pedal. When I hold the pedal, CTRL is not pressed
- when I release the pedal, CTRL is again pressed for a split of a second

Screenshot of the settings

Please help.


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Hey buddy, sorry to announce that your app is corrupt/not working properly. This was mentioned in 2018 already (see comment above from 2018) Why has this not been addressed?? It only works when your app window is active, not when switching back to OBS. Only works when your app is in front/highlighted. Please fix this asap. I'm on Windows 10