MidiKey2Key translates MIDI-Events to key-shortcuts

Free MidiKey2Key translates MIDI-Events to key-shortcuts

Added "wait for velocity=0" in addition to wait for NoteOff (when holding a key down on a device that uses velocity of 0 instead of a NoteOff by release) and some bugfixes.
It includes now a LED editor for the Novation Launchpad in different versions.
It also now is released in 32Bit and 64Bit for compatibility with Train Simulator 64-Bit Edition.
- Now You can react on faders/levers of Your Midi-device
- small bugfixes

New tutoral-video is released:

Get the new version from the homepage.
Check out the new version. Just run the installer, no need to uninstall the old version.
Online-manual and tutorial video need still to be done.

New Features:
- Multiple setting-sets also via startup-argument
- Midi-Out to send back Midi to controllers which can lighten buttons
- Test-Button to test actions
- Name Your actions
- Window-state for Start-Program-Actions
- 2nd Midi-Action toggle (sends back different Midi commands when pressed the 2nd time)

And some bugfixes.